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About Our Company


At UNITED CALL CENTER, our focus is on SERVICE — We are a nationwide provider of call center services.  Since 1989 we continue to be “The Better Answer”

ALL SERVICES performed in the USA, NO OFF SHORE agents – many call centers outsource after-hours service beyond the USA, never at UNITED CALL CENTER

By implementing the highest quality hardware and staff in the industry, We continue as the leader.

Because of United CALL CENTERS association with vendors, we are often the first to offer new products and services.   Other call centers may implement system features years after United Call Center has provided our clients premier service using these products and services.

We upgrade our system on a continual basis and offer the most advanced call processing software and hardware available to any Call Center – By utilizing the industry leader for our equipment, we are able to efficiently process your calls for both cost savings and accuracy.

Our backup systems both on the equipment, telephone and power side of the business makes sure we are ready to accept your callers anytime, day or night.

Our agents and management have longevity with United Call Center.  We do not employ transient employ – Don’t settle for a call center that currently hires or encourages remote agents.  You deserve agents that are committed to the company you are hiring to process your calls.  Not working fill in or extra to supplement income, or between calls folding laundry,  Over time you will hear the difference in the Call  Center that hires remote agents vs in-house fulltime dedicated agents to process your calls.  Demand the best from your service, you are owed it, lets face it, you are paying for it.

United Call Center 5 out of 5 based on 5