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Despite the popularity of Web-based communication, many businesses still receive a number of telephone calls from both consumers and vendors. These calls can come in any time of day and, depending on the volume and duration, may divert resources from core business tasks. United Call Center is a great way to ensure that callers’ needs are addressed while also reducing the time, money and effort your employees spend addressing them.

The responsibility of answering can be shared with our staff or some decide to have it completely taken away from them. United Call Center can adjust an account to accommodate what works best for your business. This is likely to provide you and your staff with more time to do what you’re good at, building your business.

Offer customer service outside of standard working hours, as your home life won’t be affected by incoming work calls. United Call Center can take the calls and process your urgent requests and not concern you with the non urgent messages for your staff, providing you with the necessary information in the morning.

Compared to hiring a member of staff to deal with your calls, United Call Center will be much more cost effective.

Unlike employees, United Call Center will never require holiday pay, days off sick, or vacation; you can rest assured we will be here when you need us.

United Call Center allows many clients to work from home or mobile. No longer do you have to provide an office for a member of your staff to answer phones. We can be your office staff.

United Call Center agents can be fully briefed in how you want your business to be represented, we will know how to deal with each type of call you’re likely to receive and we will send out emails or faxes to your callers about your service or product per your instructions.

If you work for yourself, you may be unavoidably missing out on incoming calls. That could lead to you missing out on lucrative contracts or projects. United Call Center allows you to never miss a contact.

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