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Whether small or large, your business may receive a lot of calls.  Perhaps you have just launched a media campaign about your latest product, or you’ve just completed a door-to-door flier drop about your new business in the neighborhood. Maybe you’re holding a seminar or event where you are asking clients to pre-register. Whatever the case, when you’ve reached this point in your company’s life cycle, it is important to understand that there is more than one way of handling the calls.  Sure, you could take them yourself – but do you really have the time?  The next option is to hire a professional service to do it for you.  But beware, you should know what type of service you’re buying before you buy it.

United Call Center will customize a plan and service type that will fit your needs.  Most services require you to adjust to the way they do business.  We will show you the difference of using a service that is used to special instructions to help you serve your clients the way you want.

Callers never know their call is being transferred to another location and it will be seamless to them; as if they have called your ‘actual’ office.

First impressions go a long way, and having a human ‘gatekeeper’  to direct calls to appropriate personnel increases the level of prestige and impression of quality to the public.

A business working hard on its first impression could turn off a lot of potential new customers if their phone calls are not being consistently answered by a friendly, clear voice handling the line in a professional manner or if they’re being handled by voice mail or answering machine.  United Call Center clients understand that we are an important extension to your customer service department.

Industry leading answering service companies like United Call Center are very selective about who they hire. Before any hiring takes place, agents are thoroughly screened and their communication and listening skills are put to the test. Agents  receive training in the policies and procedures for each client they answer for.  They are closely supervised so that their performance is consistent.

United Call Center will work with you to provide a seamless customer service experience for your clients.  Our employees are the key ingredient that distinguishes United Call Center from the competition.

Why rely on someone in another country to handle your business? It’s probably not a good idea. Could they really relate to your client? All of the agents here are located in the U.S.A.

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