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Top Five Reasons Clients Use United Call Center

  1. Staff – We hire agents of the same caliber you would require in your own office.  The agent that answers your phone, also answers our phone.  We believe you deserve the same level of staff member we would expect in our own office.  Long term staff makes us “The Better Answer”.
  2. Customized Accounts – We listen!  Your account will be designed in such a way that your caller will always feel they are being assisted by a member of your team.  We pride ourselves in not appearing  “like the answering service” or “like the call center”.  We want your callers to feel  confidence that the request or message they leave will be processed by a professional.
  3. Affordability – We understand that businesses need to watch the bottom line, so we allow both small and large clients to experience a savings over processing calls in-house.  For the small client, we can act as your office for a fraction of the cost, often for pennies per day.  For the large clients – we offer call overflow and backup that helps with spikes during your busy times, without the staff expense of someone waiting for that call.  No more turnover of staff, benefits, vacations and call outs.  You are free to concentrate on your client needs.
  4. Capture opportunities 24 hours, 365  days per year – Many offices close at 5pm or during the lunch hour but think of it this way;  one call per week saved after hours from a competitor can often pay for your call center for the entire month or even a whole year!  You now have an “Open for Business” sign all hours of the day, never limiting your clients’ ability to communicate with you.
  5. Longevity – We have had the same ownership and same management since 1989.  We know the business, we know what you want.  Let us show you how we can improve your ability to communicate with your most important asset;  your clients.
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