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Dec 082012

Unfortunately, many businesses are simply not prepared for certain eventualities that are bound to leave them struggling to serve their customers. Recently, Hurricane Sandy shed light on this fact, when it struck the east coast and left numerous businesses unable to function, thanks to power outages, structural damages and a lack of available employees. Unexpected disasters can leave a company grappling to hold onto its valuable customer base; however, many business owners fail to realize that simple things, such as vacations and the holiday season, can also have a major impact on a company’s ability to please its customers and keep profit margins where they need to be.

When call volume increases or employees become unavailable, businesses need an ally to help take on extra burdens. Fortunately, the right call center can do just that by providing knowledgeable, courteous customer service that can help companies remain profitable by keeping their valuable customers happy.


When emergencies strike, businesses can’t afford to shut down completely. It takes huge amounts of investment and time to cultivate a reliable customer base; and even a few days of downtime can put this base at risk. If your company’s customer service goes offline, thanks to a flood, earthquake of hurricane, you’d better have a backup plan in place. A reliable call center can effectively serve your customers for as long as you need.

While you are working to get your systems up and running, your customers will enjoy courteous, reliable customer support from a well-trained staff of professionals. Best of all, when you partner with an experienced, reputable call center, such as United Call Center, your customers will enjoy a seamless customer service experience that will have them believing they are being served by knowledgeable employees inside your home office.


The holiday season can affect the way businesses handle incoming calls in two ways. First, obviously when employees enjoy time off, companies may need an alternative way to serve their customers. Likewise, for many businesses, the holiday season can bring on a massive influx of business, which often requires additional customer service professionals to handle the increasing volume of incoming calls.

The holiday season is incredibly crucial for entrepreneurs and companies that sell products via the Internet and/or catalogs. Even when the economy is struggling, sales tend to increase substantially during the holidays, as people eagerly spend on presents for family and friends. Unfortunately, many businesses simply cannot cope with the huge increase in consumer interest, with many losing out on opportunities thanks to inadequate customer service.

To brace for the anticipated increase in consumer interest, many business owners rely on call centers to handle their customer service needs. E-commerce businesses and websites are especially vulnerable to big surges in buying activity. Even when they are ready to take on a huge increase in orders; many times, they don’t have enough employees to cope with the huge upsurge in telephone calls that usually accompanies large increases in sales.

To serve their customers better, smart business owners turn to call centers, such as United Call Center, because they offer knowledgeable customer service professionals who can provide online chat support and take on incoming calls any day of the week, at any time of day.

Even though companies usually expect big jumps in buying activity during the holiday season, most cannot afford to train and pay enough in-house employees to offer adequate customer support. Even if they had this ability, the vast majority would have to lay these employees off once the holidays ended. Call centers are ideal for companies that see lulls and spikes in consumer attention; since it’s so important for these businesses to take advantage of busy periods.

For most of these companies, the relatively small cost of working with a call center comes to a fraction of what they might see in lost revenue had they attempted to handle their customer service themselves. Realistically, a small staff of workers won’t be able to effectively please thousands of consumers from all different parts of the country. What’s more, they certainly will not have the ability to man the phones 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

On the other hand, a professional, reputable call center maintains a well-trained, experienced staff of customer service professionals that can offer as much – or as little – support as is needed.

Finding the Right Ally

While the right call center can prove invaluable to businesses that require timely help, the wrong one could create serious problems. Many call centers outsource jobs to foreign countries, where poorly-trained support people work for incredibly low wages.

Unless you want your valuable customers getting frustrated by communication barriers, it’s critical that you partner with a call center, such as United Call Center, which only employs highly-trained domestic customer service professionals who have attained years of experience serving a wide variety of businesses and organizations.


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