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Aug 072012

From cutting down on overhead costs to increasing the value of your product and services, call center solutions provide a wide range of advantages for businesses nationwide.

Increased Customer Satisfaction
More people use the internet to shop for their business solutions and compare prices. It’s a tough market to try and sell a cheaper service because cutting your price decreases your profits. So instead of decreasing your price to the point that it removes any profit in your margins perhaps you will find success by increasing your customer satisfaction. When your customers are more satisfied with your services they are more likely to pay a higher price for that appeasing service.

Decreased Overhead Expenses
Businesses are always focused on reducing the amount of time to sale. Whether it is middle man or reducing the length of a pipeline it’s all about the bottom line. Hiring an army of employees to manage your incoming phone calls is an expense that can drain your profit margins. Outsourcing this single resource can save your business up to 70% of the total cost that would be spent on in-house phone answering services.

Increase Production
With reduced man hours for customer support and daily tasks your employees will have more time to focus on the core productions of your business. There are always innovations to be made in your product and services. Without the distraction of a ringing phone, message taking, and unqualified callers you can get more done in less time! This will enhance the overall performance of your business.

At United Call Center, our focus is on providing the best service. We are a nationwide provider of call center services ranging from inbound calls, message taking, order taking, and call forwarding.  Since 1989 we continue to be “The Better Answer” for businesses around the United States.

May 022012

While it may not be as politically correct to say nowadays, a common complaint voiced with call center operations is that many are actually based overseas. Why does that matter? In many industries, American jobs have gone to other countries, and technology support and customer service often lands in India, where costs are less.

At United Call Center, we have always listened to our customers, and we support having our call centers stay in the U.S. and serve U.S. clientele. We believe there is a difference between utilizing American workers and those overseas. Among the chief difference is language. While other countries may say their call center operators speak English, the truth is that nuances such as language and pronunciations can turn even a routine call into one that is stressful and unsatisfying.


When a U.S. person calls a toll free number for phone assistance, there is a common belief that the person answering the line will be someone who can help provide a solution without any hindrance of communications complexities. That means talking with someone who has an accent that makes it difficult to understand can be enough to make a potentially frustrated customer go somewhere else. Sometimes customers call in for basic information and handling those routine calls is often quite easy. But when a customer is upset and needs answers or concerns addressed, having an agent on the other end who is hard to understand makes it easy to pursue another solution elsewhere.

At United Call Center, we take great pride in being able to say our customer service agents are U.S. based in a physical U.S. office location. We also offer bilingual services, which most of the “other” guys seldom do.

We make it easy to compare services with other call service companies so you can see why we are “the better answer” when it comes to overall customer service and satisfaction!

Mar 272012

Thank you for your interest in United Call Center, where we offer a full suite of call services from answering services, message taking, virtual receptionist, and order taking. We know there are other call center solutions available and that’s why we value transparency in what makes United Call Center different.

From the moment you partner with United Call Center you will never be forced to sign a contract or pay a setup fee. We never use hidden fees for paging, emails, or fax. Even more remarkable is that our team can typically get your service launched the same day!

Furthermore, choosing the right service plan is easy because all of our packages can be changed for no charge, even in the middle of the month! You will always know exactly how much your service costs each month.

Most importantly, each and every phone call is answered and processed based on your needs. Our professional staff is trained to communicate every call immediately to you, whether by phone, email, fax, or text.

For businesses with a diverse list of products we offer customized call transfer services for no extra charge. Each call is quickly routed and our quality assurance call recording system will give your business a powerful tool of internal management.

At United Call Center every account is provided a personalized phone number that can be used directly in advertisements, replace incoming business phone lines, or operate as an overflow service during peak times. Our affordable services ensure that your business captures every opportunity by offering unlimited communication with your customers.

Mar 212012

When people consider what a call center or answering service does for a company, answering the phone is an obvious first—and often right—answer. But answering services can do much more than greeting customers and providing them with professional first contact. Depending on an employer’s needs, services can include taking orders, and ensuring the information is accurate and processed and shipped in accordance with correct information.

Order taking requires people skills, product knowledge and accuracy, and we take great pride in the training our employees at United Call Center receive so that our professional orders get the information correct so processing can occur and shipping scheduled without delay.

ZZ78B153AB.jpgIf order taking is something that could help you with your business operations, we would love to show you the difference between us and our competitors. For starters, we don’t charge additional fees for providing a toll-free number, personal attention so that your line is answered by one of our agents 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and promising that your caller will never be placed on hold once we answer.

We can also link directly to your current website or even develop a form on our end that we can complete and either email or fax back to you so that the order can be processed. In addition, we can even call a customer back for you by request and relay information, or obtain additional information that you may require.

Our call center provides the better answer for you and your customers, and we can assure you that our professional agents will always have a smile in their voice that will come across loud and clear. Our mission is to help your customer in any way they can, and our employees can follow scripts you develop or those we can assist you with creating so that your customer gets what is ordered and when promised.

We can also provide you with a message service or even a virtual receptionist if that is more to your liking. Try us for free and see how we will make a difference that will be sure to satisfy both you and your customers alike!

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