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Dec 192013
Free tools

Running a business can be expensive, especially in the early stages. Of course, a successful business should be able to generate enough profits to cover all necessary overheads adequately. While this is usually so, it never hurts to discover something that can significantly improve productivity and profitability, and is also free to use.

It would be wrong to give the impression that everything you need to help streamline your business can be found for free, but when you can find many of the things you need at no cost, it allows you to be much better able to afford the things you really need for your business that do cost money. With that in mind, here are 5 of the best free business tools to be found online.

1 – Ubuntu Linux

The Windows operating system may be the most common one around, but it certainly is not the least expensive. If you need to equip a number of computers with an up to date modern operating system, choosing Windows will set you back a lot more than you think.

The Ubuntu version of Linux is open source and free. It will run happily on low-powered systems that Windows would crash on, and you can do everything on Linux you would need to do to run a business successfully.

2 – LibreOffice

Before you ask, what about MicroSoft Office compatibility, consider LibreOffice. This is a freeware set of software programs that can do just about everything that MicroSoft Office can do. And yes, LibreOffice will open all those files with the new-fangled “x” on the end of the extension too.

3 – Google Drive

This is a “must have” set of applications accessed in the cloud online. They incorporate the old Google Docs suite, but with more added in. Even if you’re not a Google fan, it’s hard to ignore the convenience of their all-in-one solution.

4 – Wave Accounting

This is an excellent suite of accounting tools accessed online. In their own words, their apps are “100% free, secure, and accountant-approved”. The convenience of using online apps is that you can access them anywhere in the world with just an Internet connection and a computer.

5 – DropBox

This is the best known cloud storage solution. You can get 2 gigabytes of storage free, though if you need more than that, you will have to pay for it. However, 2 gigabytes is enough for the needs of a small business to be able to share documents between workers. The convenience of DropBox cannot be over emphasized.

There are many other free tools that a business could use, but these are enough to get going with. And with all the money you will save, it might be time to think of how to best spend what you have saved for even better productivity and profitability.

United Call Center is another of the “must have” tools that every business needs. The sheer convenience of having a team of professionals handle your business calls, day or night, working day or holiday, 365 days of every year, cannot be overstated.

While the service provided by United Call Center is not at all expensive, you can now easily afford it with all the significant savings made from utilizing the 5 best free tools for small businesses listed above!

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