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Jan 212013

The new year offers businesses an opportunity to refine their strategies for encouraging growth and higher profit margins. As they set a course for the first quarter of the year, most business owners focus strong attention on the best ways to invest in smoother running operations. Wasted overhead is a huge reason why many companies fail to turn consist profits; however, every single year, countless business owners continue to make the same mistakes over and over when they pay too much for in-house customer support.

A Better Way

E-commerce sites and businesses that sell products are particularly vulnerable to unexpected influxes of buyer activity. Even companies that are prepared to handle big spikes in ordering typically don’t have the manpower to cope with the huge increases of incoming support calls that usually accompany enhanced consumer interest. To serve their customers better, more and more small business owners are relying on professional call centers, which provide skilled, knowledgeable agents who can offer support after hours, on weekends and whenever else they are needed.

Saving Money

Huge corporations have the ability to maintain large staffs of call-takers. On the other hand, smaller businesses simply can’t afford to pay a staff of in-house employees to sit around waiting for calls to come in. That said, because they must make the most out of every opportunity, smaller companies can’t afford to leave loyal customers waiting on hold.

For these businesses, the small expense associated with paying a call center equals a tiny fraction of what they might experience in lost revenue if they attempted to serve their customers without help. Smaller in-house staffs will never be able to satisfy numerous customers, and they certainly won’t be available to man the phones at night, on weekends and during holidays.

Making a Smart Choice

Good business management isn’t just about allocating overhead in the appropriate manner; it’s about selecting the right partnerships. Unfortunately, while a good, reputable call center has the ability to promote higher profits; the wrong one can make things much worse by alienating valuable customers.

Many call centers use cheap foreign agents, who frustrate callers due to communication barriers. To avoid potential problems, business owners should look for established call centers, such as United Call Center, which only employs skilled, domestic customer service agents, who can offer timely, professional service.

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