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Nov 122012

The world has shifted in the last ten to twenty years and nowhere is that more readily apparent than in the business domain.  In the past, manufacturing and customer service jobs would be housed within the same building, sharing offices and floor space.  Today, not only are many of these jobs in different physical environments, but many of them are not even handled by the same company.  But should you consider outsourcing your order taking process to a call center or answering service?  Here are the distinct advantages to doing just that.

First, by outsourcing your order taking process and other customer service assignments, you are cutting down on your own personal overhead allowing you more flexibility to invest in your products and the manufacturing process.  Money that might have previously gone to keep an onsite sales force can now be redirected towards the manufacturing end, allowing you to concentrate on the actual products you sell and thus giving you more opportunity to grow your business.  Another great savings in this area is you will no longer need to maintain a recruitment and training department just for your sales staff, which often has a higher turnaround than the manufacturing end.

Secondly, call centers are a great idea because that is their specialty area.  They know how to handle sales calls, the order process, and other customer service assignments.  You understand your product better than anyone else; sales may not be your forte.  Outsourcing gives this end of the business process to trained professionals who can not only take over your order taking, but also streamline the process making it more efficient with their software and years of experience.

Another issue to consider when thinking about outsourcing your order taking is the rapidly changing demographics of your consumers.  According to recent census reports, there has been a significant rise in the U.S. Hispanic population.  Whereas twenty years ago, knowledge of Spanish seemed unnecessary unless you lived and worked in the American Southwest, today the Hispanic populace is spread throughout the entire nation.  As such, it is now necessary to employ sales associates who are fluent in Spanish.  Finding and recruiting these individuals may be problematic for you, but most call centers have a trained staff who are fluent in both English and Spanish and who understand good communication skills regardless of language.  Outsourcing to a call center with bi-lingual operators will allow you to tap into a vast market of consumers.

In the end, outsourcing your order taking process can also help with overall customer service, which translates into repeat business and customer loyalty for you.  By expediting and streamlining the order taking process, call center operators leave your in-house staff able to work more closely on filling these orders.  Faster delivery time is one of the key components to keeping your customers happy and ensuring that they provide you with recommendations to others as well as return business.

Finding the right call center is important so that they can seamlessly handle everything that your business associates previously took care of in-house.  But once you have made the commitment, you and your business will be glad that you did.


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