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Sep 242013

Most industries find themselves being the butt of jokes from time to time, and the call center industry is no exception. If you have read Lisa Lim’s highly successful book, Confessions of a Call Center Gal, you could be excused for thinking that all call centers services exist in a chaotic world of maniacal callers who spout obscenities and abuse all day long. It isn’t like that in real life, for thankfully, all call centers are not created equal.

Lim’s book is intended to be funny and entertaining, and as such it succeeds wonderfully. Had she written about the kind of customer relationship where the call center live receptionists cater to serious clients who are delighted with the personalized service they receive, her book would have been boring and sales would have been dismal. However, that’s the reality for a center that prides itself in providing a high quality customer service to its clients.

Invest with time and money

The best telephone services invest in themselves. They invest with both time and money in order to have the best trained live operators and the best state-of-the-art telephony equipment they can get. This combination of investing in employees and infrastructure is always likely to pay off in the long term.

A company that sets out to be as professional as it can be is one that is unlikely to attract the kind of crazed callers portrayed in Lim’s book. Professionalism attracts professionalism, and it leads to a customer relationship that is satisfying for both parties and long lasting too.

The real secret to running a successful company like United Call Center is having properly trained staff. The training needs to be of the highest level, and operators need to be monitored regularly to ensure they are maintaining a high standard.

This costs money, but the rewards are immense for the center. Clients and callers receive a personalized service that leaves them satisfied, and not frustrated. The kind of customer service we offer has clients coming back again and again. They tell their friends and through word of mouth, others get to know of the call center that is different and better than the rest.

Habits of a professional call center

You may be wondering how to spot a professional service from the kind featured in Lim’s book, where there appeared to be no one in control, no incentive for employees to try harder and general confusion and chaos everywhere. There are plenty of signs to look out for. Try placing a call to any center and if you don’t get an answer within four rings, that’s the first black mark against them.

However, even worse than that is if you are put on hold with tinny, unrecognizable music playing in your ear. That’s a definite no-no for any self-respecting center; never leave the client on hold. An inbound call originates from a real human person who wants to be greeted by someone who is attentive and caring. That person only knows that they need answers now. They don’t care about other callers also clamoring for attention, and why should they, after all.

The best telephone services will charge by the second and not round up call lengths to the nearest minute ahead. They will charge by the calendar month and not every four weeks; the difference is 12 annual charges against 13. United Call Center charges by the calendar month.

A professional call center will also be based in the US in a real physical office, and not somewhere foreign or virtual. Telephone agents will work from that physical office, and never from their own homes. You will never hear dogs barking, a radio playing or children crying in the background when you engage the services of a professional call center, such as United Call Center, but you might with some others.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

The fictitious company featured in Lisa Lim’s book, Confessions of a Call Center Gal, didn’t operate much after business hours, or at weekends, or during major holidays. However, all professional centers do. They are available for 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

They will be there working for you on Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve when all the world is celebrating, Thanksgiving and any other major holiday you can think of, for that’s what it means to run a professional operation like United Call Center.

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