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Apr 102012

Have you ever called a business and had problems with getting anyone to answer your call? Or, perhaps worse, were you transferred into an automated queue where you press numbers for language preferences and services desired, only to get disconnected during some point of the journey?

ZZ7E60FF57.jpgIf you are a business owner, you also need to consider if customers have experienced the same frustrations themselves when calling your company number. It may be happening more often than you think too. If you have one person charged with answering calls, being placed on hold or being directed to leave a message so someone can get to you later typically serves to drive customers elsewhere. Most employees today are struggling to do more with less, so have to leave their desk or workstation at times to get another important task done, which means there are times when phone calls will simply get missed.

A call center can provide a solution, but choosing the one to be entrusted to handle your calls requires some research and checking. After all, you don’t want just anyone answering your phone calls. You need experienced, quality agents who answer your calls and provide the right information in accordance to your requirements.

At United Call Center, we have been providing call center and answering services for over 20 years. Our agents are trained, and the best way to know that is by simply calling our main number and hearing for yourself the United Difference. That’s because the same agents who answer our calls answer yours.

We offer comparison charts, answers to frequently asked questions, audio clips, and upfront pricing so you can best determine whether we are right for you. We are so confident that you will like what you hear that we offer a special, no obligation offer.

Check out our website and click on “pricing” to see the details about how you can try our service at no cost.

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