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Jun 062012

In the age of cell phones, Internet anywhere and a seemingly endless supply of free wireless connections, a phone answering service may seem a bit dated to some. However, for those businesses that have tested the theory of no longer needing an answering service, most have returned—with a greater understanding of what customers expect and demand in terms of service.

While it’s true that more business today is conducted over email and even text than ever before, the facts remain that customers will want to call and talk with a business, especially if they have any questions or have a need that is not immediately answerable on a website. For businesses who have built up their websites, while it is a great source of information, sometimes customers don’t want to search through pages of details. They know what they want, and just want a person to validate the information or even to confirm something as simple as business hours or whether an item being shown is actually truly in stock.

Conversation occurs in real time, is dynamic and allows for a free flow of ideas that cannot be matched by email and text. While consumers may like the freedom of websites and such, some are finding the customer contact information where you have to complete your information in pre-set boxes and with character limitations, laborious. It is more convenient for a customer, even today, to still simply pick up the phone and call.

ZZ28C93B6D.jpgOf course, if you have a cell phone, it means you’re always available. Although this is sometimes a benefit, it can also become a burden. When your cell phone is ringing constantly, you’ll find that you cannot perform as you need to if you want to make a profit. There is such a thing as communications overload and, in today’s world, it is as ubiquitous as air. Simply put, most businesspeople have absolutely no need for more communications devices. What they need is more efficiency.

An answering service provides access to that level of efficiency. Because these individuals can be given specific instructions as to how certain clients are supposed to be handled, you can relax with the knowledge that the truly important calls will get through. This also enables you to limit your availability. You need to be around when your customers have a need but, sometimes, it’s much more important that you have time to yourself when you need it. Whether it’s so you can work or so you can play, it’s important to your business and to your health that you maintain this personal space.

You can arrange it so that only your answering service has your cell phone number. Your clients can still get through but, with a skilled answering service, you won’t end up burning cell phone minutes and your time when even your customer would have been fine with voicemail or leaving a message. This can make life much more laid-back, while still increasing your earning potential. Best of all, you don’t need to hire an additional employee to handle all of this work.

At United Call Center, we are proud of our reputation for value-added services to a business and for living our promise of “always answering your phone.” Give us a call if you are interested in switching services or considering utilizing a call center. We even offer a free trial so you can see if an answering service is the right answer for you and your company.

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