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Feb 152012

The terms “call center” and “answering service” are often used interchangeably, and that’s true that in most cases a call center and answering service perform very similar or same functions. However, there can be differences. A call center utilizes more virtual assistance to the caller and less message taking than an answering service.

A call center typically utilizes more personal interaction, attention and assistance with answering questions, taking orders, helping with dispatching or shipping information, and helping with basic tasks you may require. Our call center services help with tasks like appointment scheduling, help desk support, emergency response, order taking, and our answering services make sure your callers are able to relay information they need to provide or get routed to the right department.

Regardless of whether your phone needs are large or small, it is fair to say that everyone’s goal is to have calls answers in a timely and professional manner. And from that perspective, there is no difference.


We encourage you to call us and find out more about how United Call Center is the better answer for your company. We promise to answer, and we utilize the same professional agents to answer your calls that will also answer yours. We also understand that cost is a consideration for businesses. A lost call is potentially lost sale, as over 30 percent of callers never leave a message—and instead look for another business who can meet the need. One saved call often pays for your call center for many months. More specifically, our plans start as low as $19.95 per month, and our average client pays less than $2.80 per day—or just 12 cents hourly—for live telephone service.

And, rather than employees having concerns with the utilization of an answering service, we have found the opposite to be likely true. Rather than feeling threatened by the use of an answering service, employees say they are able to get more tasks accomplished and feel freer to move around their work area without worry of missing a call. In other words, using United Call Center helps all parties involved to be more efficient!

Try us out with our special no obligation offer. You can see for yourself how we can help your business to be more successful at no cost. Agents are standing by to get started!

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  1. thanks for clarifying. That is helpful.

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