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Nov 052012

As the recent disasters on the east coast following Superstorm Sandy have shown, none of us know exactly when or how a disaster will strike.  All that we can do is try to find a way to best prepare for the possibility of such a devastating event.  Just as you would buy insurance to protect your home from the possibility of flood and wind damage, it is possible to look at a type of “insurance” to protect your business to ensure that it runs smoothly during a disaster.  This is where a call center can become a life-saver.

No one could foresee all of the natural events that would align to make Sandy a real occurrence.  But the “storm of the century” isn’t the only type of disaster that can disrupt your business.  Heavy rains, flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, and, particularly on the west coast, the all too-common summer fires can also be an impediment to your business.  When it becomes necessary to shut down your business office due to an emergency, you may be losing out on potential business at just the time when you need it the most.  If your business is all local, they will understand and know that the area has been hit by a disaster and you will not lose any customer loyalty in the process.  However, if you have a national or international business and the customers call only to find that your operators are not there or all they can get is a busy signal, then you are looking at lost sales in the present and also lost sales in the future from customers who mistakenly may assume that you don’t care about them or that you have shoddy customer service.

By outsourcing your calls to a call center, you have the opportunity to keep calls coming in from national and international customers even when your brick and mortar office site is shut down.  Your call center would then be located in an area away from the disaster area and could take calls and field clients while you are temporarily shut down.  The added benefit of a call center is that even if a disaster covers a wide ranging area, such as the recent storm on the east coast which covered multiple states, the call centers are located in various locations so that if one is affected by a disaster then there are others which can “pick up the slack” and operate effectively and efficiently with no loss of quality to your business.

This isn’t just a theory or a hypothetical business model, but a reality for United Call Center.  One of their clients located in New Jersey was forced to evacuate due to the storm and they were able to field calls both day and night for the clients’ patients who were in crises both day and night.  They have been able to do this with no disruption to service while those with only local call centers have had disruptions due to service problems.  Another United Call Center client has been able to help provide power generators to victims on the east coast and the call center has been instrumental in making sure that calls have been handled around the clock to ensure that these needed products are able to be shipped and serviced to those in need.

Just as you would not think of leaving your home unprotected without the benefits of insurance in the face of a natural disaster, it is of utmost importance that you not leave your business unprotected from a calamity.  Look at a call center as an insurance policy for your business as it keeps you open and able to serve your customers even when the worst possible events strike.

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