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Apr 182012

While employers always welcome a ringing phone because that typically signifies customers, employees may not be so quick to extend the welcome mat. It’s not because they don’t like customers, but rather because employers are typically tasked with more and more duties with less help. Long gone are the days of overstaffed offices.

If you’re looking for ways to do more with less, than you’re not alone. And one of the most notable customer service enhancements that don’t cost you much money and will meet with employee approval is switching to a call center to answer incoming calls. So, how does it work exactly?

ZZ6B8DC335.jpgAt United Call Center, every account is provided with a personalized phone number that will ring directly into your account. Of course, we work with you so that your account is customized to fit your needs. You choose the way you want the line answered and how you would want your calls processed. We can serve you from as basic of needs as simply answering the phone and taking messages to being able to answer questions and complete orders.

You can also choose any combination of delivery methods for any type of call. For example, you may want certain calls connected to you while others you would prefer to have either text messaged or emailed. It’s your choice and you can also change it at your discretion.

Customers also hate being placed on hold, and we can assure you that we never place a caller on hold to process a call for another client. Your caller is our only priority. The ONLY time a customer could potentially be placed on hold is if we are attempting to connect the call directly to you or a member of your staff.

See how utilizing a call center can provide improved customer service while meeting the needs of your business and also getting the approval of your staff. Try us out for free and see why we are the better answer!

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