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Jul 192013

United Call Center is celebrating twenty-four years of service as America’s Call Center.  With this in mind, it is a perfect time to reacquaint those of you who have been with us through these past twenty-four years with our services and familiarize those of you who are just finding out about us for the first time.  Here is an overview of why United Call Center has proudly served our clients for over two decades:

  • First, United Call Center allows businesses to free up their own in-house employees by removing outside calls as a part of their duties and responsibilities, particularly after-hours.  United Call Center offers a range of communication services which allows our agents to answer and respond to your calls at any time of the day, even when your brick and mortar business is closed for the evening.  This keeps you on top of customer service and sales which would otherwise be lost if your potential customers only reached a voicemail.
  • United Call Center is also a leader in quality service because of our close association with our technology vendors.  We are usually the first in our industry to offer new products and services to our clients that may take months and even years to trickle down to the other call center companies.  Choosing United Call Center means staying on top of the technology chain and ahead of your competition.
  • Not only is our company celebrating its longevity in this industry, but our employees are also known for theirs as well.  Whereas many companies in the call center business hire temporary agents who are gone in weeks or months or who work as a supplemental job, our agents are full-time, in-house and dedicated to meeting the needs of your company or organization.
  • Finally, United Call Center can stand behind its statement that we have spent twenty-four years as America’s call center because we never utilize overseas or off shore agents.  Many in the call center industry will do have centers open in other countries to keep a 24/7 work-schedule going, but not United Call Center.  Our services are performed right here in the USA.

If you are looking for a new call center for your company or organization or if you are a first timer looking to see if a call center is right for you, be sure to check out United Call Center, a proven leader in the industry for over two decades.


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