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Feb 082012

In today’s society where more and more business is able to be handled over the phone and online, it’s no longer enough to have employees who are great at their desk jobs. They have to be customer service driven and provide a high standard of professionalism through the way they work with customers they will most likely never meet in person!

Retailers continue to note trends of customers opting to do as much over the phone and internet whenever possible as a time saver. But at the same time, many customers still have questions about online processes and prefer to pay or get assurances for a live person vs. having the transaction automated from start to finish.

ZZ1C2BC012.jpgWhether you are a business that would benefit from professionals providing phone answering services to greet and redirect customers to the right department or need more hands-on services like order taking, we have what you need and at 24/7 accessibility!

And while many businesses may come and go, we have been providing call center and answering services for over 20 years utilizing professional agents whose goal is producing happy customers!

So, what type of industry utilizes our services? You might be surprised. We have business in practically every area of service, ranging from e-commerce websites and product/services and seminar reservations to healthcare providers, help desk support, and emergency response. We also serve real estate agents, towing companies, building and construction, insurance, funeral homes, event planning companies, and even IT support companies. If you have a business and take customer calls, then we can provide a professional level service that meets your needs. And at much more affordable rates than you might ever expect!

To help you decide whether an answering service or call service is right for you, we feature a special no obligation offer. You can try our service at no cost, even if you have a current service and are considering a switch!

Contact us today and see how we are the better answer!

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  1. That’s truth! Thanks for sharing. We appreciate the reminder.

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