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Aug 242011

Who hasn’t been annoyed and frustrated by automated call loops with pre-recorded messages that seem to either put you on hold for eternity or transfer you multiple times—only to get disconnected?

While today’s technological advancements continue to streamline workplace practices, one aspect that hasn’t changed through the years is that customers prefer personal contact when it comes to service. Clients prefer a real person who can help them with their needs without having to press numbers on the phone to hear only automated standard responses.

That’s where United Call Center comes in. We have been providing call center and answering services for more than 20 years so that companies can be assured that their customers are receiving the answers and attention they seek.

Depending on your business needs, we provide live agents to answer your calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week and offer both a call center and answering service. Since most companies must now maintain a very careful watch on personnel expenses during the current economic times, we also offer customer-friendly solutions that will save you money. One of our bottom-line savings is offering a virtual receptionist solution. Customers won’t even know that the person answering the phone isn’t sitting right in your office because their needs will be tended to by our professional and friendly personnel.

United Call Center provides the better answer for companies on a budget and who want to continue to provide their customers with personal attention at the same time. Call us today or complete our contact form on our website to explore possible solutions. We are currently offering a trial period so you can try us out without obligation! You’ll see what makes us The United Difference!

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