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Oct 192011

ZZ07E1CD8E.jpgIs there a difference between call centers and the answering services? Often, the terms are used interchangeably, but there is a difference. United Call Center provides both options. When shopping for a call center or answering service that is right for you and your business, be sure to ask questions beyond what services are provided beyond answering the phone.

If you are looking for someone who provides a live person answering calls and taking down information so an employee can return a call at a later time, then an answering service is what you may need. But if you want the person to help pave the way to a satisfied customer solution, even handling order taking or answering specific questions or helping with orders, then a call service solution may be what you seek.

Just as there are answering services and call centers, there are also huge differences between the level of service provided and professionalism involved. At United Call Center, we provide a difference that your customers will absolutely notice and appreciate.

Here are a few of our highlights.

  • We promise to answer. Always. And within four rings.
  • We train our staff very carefully before we have them answer your call so that your expectations are met. WE also retain staff longer than the industry average so our employees really develop a knowledge and familiarity with clients we represent.
  • We can appear to your callers as your in-house staff.
  • We do not answer and then place your customer on hold to take another call. Ever.
  • We will work with you to develop the exact customer call center or answering solution you require.
  • We provide 24/7 live accent.

We’d love to visit with you and see how we can help your customers and your business be successful and satisfied. Call us anytime and see how United Call Center can be the solution you have been seeking.

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