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Nov 292013

One of the most important things between a service provider and a client is communication. When there is clear communication and each party understands exactly what is happening, there are usually fewer problems to deal with. Everything runs more smoothly and there are no misunderstandings.

Of course, difficulties may be encountered along the way, but with good communication, any difficulties that crop up will be dealt with quickly and easily. Here are 5 client communication mistakes that should definitely be avoided.

1 – Failing to implement their preferences

Clients want their service to be as customized as possible. They may have a special script they’d like telephone agents to use when replying to callers, or they may want incoming messages to be delivered to them in a certain way, by text messages instead of email, for example.

Bearing in mind that the customer is always right, it is your duty to carry out all their instructions properly. Getting it wrong only demonstrates your incompetence, and the client is not paying for that. Listen to your clients and do what they ask.

2 – Being unavailable

Clients have the right to change their minds about things. If this happens, they expect to be able to speak to someone in charge immediately and have the changes made quickly. If key personnel are unavailable when they need to speak to them, your clients will become frustrated and might even consider moving their business elsewhere.

Always have someone available to deal with whatever problems or concerns a client may have. If there is no one immediately available, have someone call the client within one hour at most. When a client is left hanging around with no idea of what is going on, or if their problem is even being dealt with, they get nervous and start to doubt the competence of the company. Be available and prevent unnecessary problems.

3 – Billing them for everything

Clients will stick with you if they feel your billing procedure is fair. Don’t bill them for every little thing. Make them feel they are getting a good deal. If the changes they would like to make won’t take long to do, it may make better business sense to not bill for it, and of course, let them know that’s what you’re doing. When a client sees that you are not squeezing them for every thing that happens, they will trust you more, and will be much more likely to stick with your service.

4 – Not keeping in touch

Clients like feedback, even if things are going smoothly. They like to be contacted every so often. It reinforces the feeling that your company cares, and that they are a valued customer. Don’t contact them too often to annoy them, but don’t ignore them either. Keep in touch, even when everything is fine, and your client will appreciate you for that little extra touch.

5 – Not making them feel special

Every client thinks they are the only one that matters. They want to be treated as someone special and highly valued, and not as just another customer. Train your staff to treat every client as if he or she is the only one you have. Make them feel special and they will reward you with good quality long-term business.

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