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Jun 292013

What is the most important thing for a professional call center? It’s customer satisfaction, for without that they really have nothing. What is the easiest way for a call center to achieve customer satisfaction? Provide an efficient, professional, caring face to every caller, as this in turn will filter down to the client. Satisfied callers will increase the client’s profits, who, after all, is the one paying for the call center services.

A business thinking of using call center services for the first time faces a dilemma. The business has usually reached a point where handling communications in-house is no longer viable, and they now need to outsource that part of their operations. However, they also need to present an efficient, friendly and helpful face to every caller to maintain a first level of customer satisfaction, and it is usually this part of the operation they are uncertain about.

Properly trained and regularly monitored telephone agents

The professional call centerknows this full well. They know that careless and unprofessional telephone agents can ruin their image and drive clients away. That is why they fully understand the need for careful selection and proper training of all their agents. After all, it is the person who answers the phone who provides that vital first impression, and so much more than is immediately apparent hinges on that most important first moment.

As soon as a telephone agent is recruited, they undergo a rigorous training period before being allowed to take calls. This training is not a one-off affair, but rather it is part of the regular training updates they will face throughout their employment with the call center. While the training is mainly about how to remain professional and efficient when dealing with callers, it also instils in them the need to remain upbeat with a positive and cheerful attitude to callers, regardless of what may happen.

The responsible call center will regularly monitor all their telephone agents throughout their careers to ensure they keep up the standards expected of them. The center knows just how difficult a caller can sometimes be, and when such a caller is handled with patience, tact and diplomacy, the situation can be diffused, leaving a more placid caller and retaining the all-important customer satisfaction.

Always being available increases customer satisfaction

Callers like to receive full attention. They have no interest that they are just one of many who call every day. They only know that they are making a call, and that the call is the most important thing in their life at that moment. Can you imagine how they feel, therefore, if they discover that, instead of speaking to a real, live person, they are talking to a cold, uncaring machine?

It should come as no surprise to discover that studies have found that as many as 80% of callers who are sent to voice mail simply hang up. The automation of voice mail might seem like a good idea, in theory at least, but in practice it doesn’t work. Every professional call center knows this and never resorts to it. Full customer satisfaction starts with each caller speaking to a real responsive person, someone who cares and who can address their needs or concerns.

The best call centers will strive to ensure that every call is answered within a maximum of three rings. This may not always be possible, but at least they generally manage to prevent a situation where a phone rings and rings endlessly. The caller who has to wait interminably for someone to answer the call is most likely to simply hang up and call a competitor. This can result in lost business for the client, and ultimately it will have a negative impact on the call center too.

There are few companies that can be available on a 24 hour, 365 day a year basis. That is one of the reasons why a company turns to a call center. It allows them to operate at all times, regardless of the time of day, or whether it is the weekend or holiday time.

Customers like this level of flexibility. It means they are not governed by a rigid timetable, and they can call whenever it suits them. Customer satisfaction is increased, the call center enjoys the continued patronage of a satisfied client, and the client enjoys increased profits from satisfied customers. It is a situation where everyone wins, and it all starts with customer satisfaction.

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