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Oct 062011

Not all answering services are created equally. In fact, one of the largest customer complaints with a call center is when they call in to a company only to have language and understandability to be a barrier to having needs met. In fact, while India has seen a surge in overseas call centers over the past decade, news reports are saying that that option is no longer considered as attractive as it once was. AT&T, for example, has just announced that is bringing 5,000 call center jobs back to the U.S. from other countries following its T-Mobile merger.


That’s good news for AT&T customers. But at United Call Center, that has been approach all along! We offer local call center service to your local and national business, and we strive to provide regional call center service.

We can proudly say we are a U.S. based call center that services clients nationally from Alaska to New York and Texas and beyond as your call center solution.

We make sure that all of our agents are professionally trained and are easy to understand and great communicators. We know that when customers call a business they want to receive assistance in some regard, and our goal is to expedite that without any miscommunications or language barriers. In fact, the same employees who answer our calls will answer yours. We promise to answer and our goal is to provide 24/7 live, friendly customer service so that your customers end a call happy!

Call us today and wee how we can be the better answer for answering service needs so that you never again worry about whether you have missed a call!

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