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Dec 072011

As many companies wind down their calendar year and look ahead to 2012, discussions are taking place about performance reviews and goals for the new year. Enhanced customer service continues to top the list with most businesses as an area deserving of intensive focus. In today’s competitive marketplace, perhaps more than ever before, customers are truly king and need to be made a priority—or else they will take their business elsewhere.

Customer satisfaction studies show that a top aggravation and potential deal buster starts with the very moment a person decides to call a business. An unanswered phone, being put on hold for a significant amount of time, or placed into a seemingly endless loop of an automated phone queue can more times than not end up with a customer hanging up and dialing another business. While it can’t be helped sometimes for a phone not to be answered, customers really don’t know and don’t care why they are not being taken care of. They just know they aren’t having their needs met. And who, really, wants to hear the dreaded message and countdown of minutes (of which sometimes is quite lengthy) until a customer service agent can accept your call?


If having your business’ phone answered professionally and quickly 24/7—or at least during business operating hours if you prefer—is a concern for you, then consider an answering service or call center as a successful solution!

At United Call Center, we promise to answer within four rings—always—and to never place your clients on hold. And your customers don’t even have to know that our friendly professionals are not even sitting in your office locally. They will just be happy with the service that they receive that they won’t care.

As you wrap up 2011 and consider ways to improve service and consider a all center, we invite you to look over our call center comparison chart. See for yourself what makes us stand out. Then give us a call to chat more about your options. And remember, the same people who are responding to your call are the ones who will answer your customer calls as well!

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