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Jun 132012

Can’t get your call center to answer your calls? Imagine how your customers feel! That’s what makes United Call Center different than many of the other answering services operating on the marketplace today.

If you are looking for a way to enhance customer service while optimizing your employees’ time at work, a professional call center can provide you with the better answer. But not just any call center will do. As with any product on the marketplace, there are major differences between answering services. Surprisingly, a chief complaint of many business owners is that the answering service they have hired to take calls doesn’t answer. Talk about frustration!

ZZ351D469E.jpgUnited Call Center has been promising to answer all phone calls—and within four rings—and has been doing so successfully for more than 20 years. We provide 24-hour a day/7 day a week LIVE agents to answer your calls. That means the end to customer frustration over lack of a real, live human voice answering your business calls. Our various plans and services allow you to tailor the exact type of service you want and need for your business. So whether you want a basic answering service, the ability to receive and dispatch emails that need to be address when your office is closed, ordering taking, information provided, or a virtual receptionist, we can do it!

You’ll also be very pleased with our agents as well. We carefully screen our applications and seek out candidates with excellent communication and writing skills. We want to make sure that our individuals are not only strong communicators, but can be easily understood by callers so that nothing is lost in translation either—another common complaint with customers.

WE also invite you to try our service without cost or obligation to make sure you are satisfied with the arrangement. You can choose to keep any existing account active with your current service while hearing the difference with United Call Center. Call us today to learn more, and see why we are proud of our United Difference!

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  1. If a business must use an answering service when out of the office, or staff is unavailable whom you choose can make or break the incoming call. First impressions are everything, and when done right you can make a great experience for the prospect, but when done wrong you may not only lose that caller, but lose a sale or even worse a customer for life!

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