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Oct 272011

A frustration constantly voiced by customers all over the country is calling a business located in the United States but not being able to understand the person taking the call. Chances are, it is because that person isn’t even located in America.

United Call Center not only provides businesses with a better answer when it comes to a call center or answering service solution, but we do so with your customers in mind. While our nation is indeed a melting pot of different backgrounds and ethnicities, the language of choice is English and customers want someone who can help them. Having difficulty in understanding a person because of improper grammar or usage of the English language can be a turnoff to would-be patrons. In today’s market where customer is king (or queen), a language barrier may very well mean the loss of business.


If you are considering a call center or answering service to provide your customers with a live person to answer your business line, you’ll undoubtedly be interested in knowing how that person will sound across the phone line. We hope you agree, and we’re quite confident you will be impressed with what you hear!

We feature samples of our representatives at work on our website, so that you can click on audio clips and hear what our real employees sound like. Or, even better, give us a call! The same employees who answer our calls will answer yours. We understand that you shouldn’t trust your calls to amateurs and that you want your customers to feel like they are being helped get the service or answers they seek. We agree and will make sure that goal is met. Our virtual receptionists, service representatives, or answering service agents will be trained to know how you want to be represented so that your calls are answered in the way you expect.

Not only will our agents answer your call professionally, but we will do it in a manner that gets the vote of approval from your customers. Call us today and get started in the United Call Center Difference!

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