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Mar 142012

Working in a call center can be a fast-paced, busy, and exacting. Employees who work with a call center need to be able to follow directions, multi-task with various duties so they can best represent the customer who is calling in for a particular business, and also have a pleasant personality. Call centers are typically comprised of individuals who are working together, so a sense of getting along and working together as a team are paramount.

At United Call Center, we take great pride in our caliber of employees we attract and then the training they receive before ever handling your customer’s calls. Not only do you want your customers to feel welcome and helped when they call your business, we want our employees to know exactly what to say and how to respond to incoming calls in a way that pleases you! Working with our employees and our customers to ensure that every client has the “fit” and responses that are desired is what sets us apart from our competition. We’re sure that you will agree!

ZZ2002F402.jpgWe train our employees to be able to demonstrate common courtesy and to come across the phone line as someone who is professional and knowledgeable. After all, if a customer feels confident in the person answering the phone, then chances are he will feel more confident in any business dealings he conducts with you as well.

We expect common courtesy in handling calls to your customers and amongst our call center employees as well. We feel that words like “please” and “thank you” are a standards that should come across as warm and welcoming and heartfelt, and also want customers to feel happy about their phone experience overall. Teaching our staff what to say and then making sure they do in the manner you would expect from your own personal employees is what we will deliver.

Give us a call and see for yourself about why a call center is the better answer. We promise to answer—within four rings—and to provide professional service and support to your customer.

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  1. A good call center resolves the issue that a customer is calling about, that is the purpose of a call center after all. A great call center strives to make the whole customer experience pleasant for the customer. The issue shouldn’t just get resolved, it should be done quickly and efficiently.

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