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Mar 282012

Social media has allowed customers to take their complaints publicly and to a broad audience, which should be serving as a huge wakeup call to business owners everywhere. Customers today who get fed up with a lack of service, defective product, or poor customer service will often air their complaints on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and reactions can quickly become extreme. In almost every case, handling an unhappy customer correctly in the first place could have prevented the damage and resulting damage control a company needs to do to make things right again.

Case in point: A recent headline about a big box store that was posted, “The store that will sell you a phone but never answer their own!” Or, “Terrible customer service—I spent an hour on the phone and was bounced around like a basketball from number to number, and several times the numbers hung up on me.”

These were customers that could have received the attention they initially sought so that their issues could be resolved. When they weren’t, however, they went publicly, along with identifying the company, of course. It all started with the lack of a person on the phone.

ZZ2B492B10.jpgAt United Call Center, we can help with being the first contact to customers so that they hear a live voice when they call in. Not only can our experienced agents provide the professional service you want and the positive attitude and care customers demand, but they can help provide basic information and assistance. We also promise to answer all calls—and within four rings at that!

See how call center and answering services can be the better answer for you, your company, and your callers. We have been in business for more than 20 years, and share the common goal with you of happy customers. Whether you need basic services or seek someone who can serve as a virtual receptionist or even take orders, we can provide you with the United Call Center difference.

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