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Jul 212014
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They say you learn from your mistakes, and Bill Gates, the richest and arguably the most successful businessman in the world once said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” What he meant was, if you want to keep them coming back for more, learn how to keep them happy.

Repeat customers are always the best type of customers. You only have to make the effort of reeling them in once. They keep coming back to you for one good reason; they like what you are doing.

It might be the quality of your product or service, the price you charge, or the excellent customer service you provide. Whatever it is, you’re doing it right when you have a lot of repeat customers.
Here are a few reasons why keeping them coming back for more makes good, sound business sense, and how you can achieve it:

1 – Keep your advertising costs to a minimum

The cost of acquiring new customers is high. For every 100 you pitch to, you’ll be lucky if more than a small handful actually respond, and of those, maybe one or two will go on to buy. A repeat customer, by comparison, is already sold. He or she comes back to buy more. You have no advertising or promotion costs whatsoever.

2 – People like to know you care

Great customer care makes people feel comfortable. They don’t really care how much you know about the product, but they do care about how much you care for them. People love to feel important, and when they feel important to you, they know it and they are much more likely to come back, again and again.

3 – Happy customers tell their friends about you

Advertising is expensive. Even a small classified ad in a local newspaper will set you back a sizeable amount, let alone the cost of a TV ad. But there’s a way to get high quality free advertising, and it’s simply by creating happy customers. They will tell their friends about you, and their friends will tell others.
That circle of influence is bigger than you think. It can grow to be as many as 300 people by the time the dust settles, and probably won’t be fewer than 50 at a minimum. What does it cost you to target 300 warm and willing prospects? Create happy customers who can’t wait to spread the word and it could cost you nothing whatsoever.

4 – Consistency tells customers they can depend on you

Customers like to know you are reliable and dependable. Build a happy customer base by doing the right things in a consistent manner. You can’t please everyone, but you can please enough when people know they can rely on you.

5 – Get the right staff for the job

Your team, the people who actually approach your customers, must be the right people. They must have the right training to greet your customers and prospects with the right attitude. Get that bit wrong and you won’t keep them coming back for more. But get that bit right and you’ll laugh all the way to the bank.

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