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Jan 042012

Improved customer service is a New Year’s resolution of many companies, and if you are one of them, then one way to achieve that is by utilizing the service of a call center.

One of the top complaints of customers from service surveys is not having their needs met when they call a company. Customers cite being placed on hold, not having the call answered at all, or perhaps worst of all, being placed into an automated phone queue for an extended period of time as reasons why they take their business elsewhere. Time is indeed money for customers and businesses alike, so it hurts when a potential sale or patron is lost simply due to an easily fixable solution of using an answering service.


At United Call Center, we provide the better answer by simply promising to answer. It’s as simple as that. For over 20 years, our professional agents have been providing 24/7 live customer service with a promise for all phone calls to be answered within four rings—guaranteed.

We provide our phone answering services with no contracts or setup fees and can demonstrate how we can save you money by utilizing our services, which are much more affordable than you think to begin with. By having your customer calls answered and in many cases their needs met, they are happier and as a result, you will be too. Plans start as low as $19.95, with our average client paying less than $2.80 per day for our service. With those low rates and no hidden fees, one saved call may even pay for your call center services for months!

Call us today and see how you can try our service at no cost. Our friendly agents are waiting for your call. And remember, the same people who talk with you are the ones who will answer your calls.

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