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Aug 252014

Running a small business can be an uphill struggle. The business owner may want to keep control of everything. But that can mean doing everything personally. When help is needed, it usually means hiring extra staff, but there’s another, arguably better, way.

When a business owner finds that they are getting bogged down with tasks that keep them from focusing on the core of their business, getting creative with delegating can help.  The owner should be steering the ship, not manning the oars, so to speak.

There are many areas where a virtual assistant can help. They can be hired to assist with bookkeeping and finances, carry out research, manage social media accounts, event planning, project management and scheduling, telephone answering and much more.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant?

You don’t have to pay their taxes or offer them a benefits package. They are responsible for paying their own taxes. You just agree a service rate, they deliver the service and you pay them for the service. That’s it.

Virtual assistants depend on their reputations. The better the service they provide the more work they are likely to get. This means they have a strong incentive to provide you with an excellent service. There are always the exceptions, but by and large, virtual assistants can be depended on to produce first class results.

Your virtual assistant will provide his or her own office premises and office equipment. You don’t even have to provide heating or cooling. They will use their own equipment too, and if something breaks down, it’s their responsibility to get it fixed or replaced – not yours.

If you want even more reliable service, consider hiring a company that provides these services.  Then the service is guaranteed to be uninterrupted for things like equipment failure, power outages or individual sick days or time off.

A practical example of how a virtual assistant can help a small business

Telephone answering takes up a lot of time. In a small business it’s usually a general purpose secretary who performs this task. She is usually doing a dozen other tasks as well, so telephone answering is not her main responsibility.

It’s also the case that a secretary can get sick occasionally. She will also go home after work and take weekends off. She can’t answer a telephone every minute of every day. However, a telephone answering service can.

A dedicated telephone answering service is effectively a virtual assistant. They can take all your incoming calls and re-route them if necessary, or provide answers to your callers. The service can effectively be a seamless extension of your business. Your clients need never know that it isn’t.

Your callers will have their calls answered politely and promptly every time. The telephone agents will never get annoyed or irritated, and they will always be there providing assistance, and your callers will never be sent to voice mail. This can help your business in so many ways – and it will be highly cost-effective too. Isn’t it time you considered getting a virtual assistant?

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