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Mar 212012

When people consider what a call center or answering service does for a company, answering the phone is an obvious first—and often right—answer. But answering services can do much more than greeting customers and providing them with professional first contact. Depending on an employer’s needs, services can include taking orders, and ensuring the information is accurate and processed and shipped in accordance with correct information.

Order taking requires people skills, product knowledge and accuracy, and we take great pride in the training our employees at United Call Center receive so that our professional orders get the information correct so processing can occur and shipping scheduled without delay.

ZZ78B153AB.jpgIf order taking is something that could help you with your business operations, we would love to show you the difference between us and our competitors. For starters, we don’t charge additional fees for providing a toll-free number, personal attention so that your line is answered by one of our agents 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and promising that your caller will never be placed on hold once we answer.

We can also link directly to your current website or even develop a form on our end that we can complete and either email or fax back to you so that the order can be processed. In addition, we can even call a customer back for you by request and relay information, or obtain additional information that you may require.

Our call center provides the better answer for you and your customers, and we can assure you that our professional agents will always have a smile in their voice that will come across loud and clear. Our mission is to help your customer in any way they can, and our employees can follow scripts you develop or those we can assist you with creating so that your customer gets what is ordered and when promised.

We can also provide you with a message service or even a virtual receptionist if that is more to your liking. Try us for free and see how we will make a difference that will be sure to satisfy both you and your customers alike!

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  1. It’s simple really. Who are you going to spend your time on, you current customers or the ones that just have lots of questions? I’m spending my time on the people that are paying money!

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