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Feb 222012

The first minute of a person’s call to your business can determine whether the outcome is a happy, satisfied customer or a lost sale. That’s because nobody likes to call in to a business and either get routed from one automated queue to another, or even worse, to a phone that simply doesn’t get answered at all. In fact, can you find a single person who likes calling into a place with no human voice to guide them to where they need to be routed? Quite certainly, that answer is no!

At United Call Center, we can help businesses to become the better answer when it comes to live, professional answering service or call center operations. From the very start, our pledge of “we promise to answer” and within four rings, should put a smile to the faces of bosses and employees alike. We understand that today’s companies are continuing to find ways to achieve more with less, and getting tied down to a phone when there are so many things to be done in the office isn’t always the best use of time.


We can support your staff and create happy customers by providing 24/7 live access. Our professionally-trained agents provide a high level of customer service that gets people calling your business off to a positive start, and customers don’t even need to know they are calling into a call center. We work with you to develop scripts and helpful information so that we can provide the level of service you want. We’re not happy until you are.

Check out our website to see answers to frequently asked questions about call center and answering service options at United Call Center, listen to audio clips, find out more about our company, and learn about pricing. Then, give us a call to get started on how we can help your business provide a higher level of customer service…starting with the first phone call!

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  1. That first impression is oh so important!

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