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Mar 072012

Speaking on the phone with customers isn’t as easy as it may seem initially. Individuals tasked with handling an incoming call to a company or business truly needs training and an understanding of proper phone etiquette to ensure the call is a positive experience overall. If a potential customer calls in and doesn’t receive the professional level of service that was expected, chances are high that the customer will go elsewhere.

ZZ15457823.jpgCustomer satisfaction surveys cite a phone that doesn’t get answered, being placed in an automated queue, or getting a person who seems disinterested and unhelpful on the line are reasons why they choose to go elsewhere after calling in. Employees who answer the phones are often tasked with a number of job requirements and often are trying to multi-task various duties simultaneously, which means their primary focus is not on answering the phone when callers phone in.

That’s where we come in. United Call Center employees are carefully trained to ensure that not only do they answer your call with a smile, but they are able to help the customer so that the phone call serves the purpose as intended. Not only do we promise to answer, every time, but we promise to do so within four rings. The difference is that while your employees most likely have multiple job duties they are expected to perform, our employees are here to serve one purpose. And that is to answer your calls.

United Call Center offers a variety of service plans and offerings so that you can pick the plan and level of service that works best for you. We are available to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if that is your preference. And the customers calling in won’t even know whether they are calling into your actual place of business or to our call center, because we will work with you to ensure how the phone is answered and information provided is in accordance with your needs. Try us out for free and see why we are the better answer.

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