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Apr 302014

Small business owners set up their businesses with the core intent of making money, and by and large they do. What they often don’t take into account before taking the plunge is the sheer number of extraneous little tasks they will have to fulfill to keep things running smoothly on a day to day basis.

In the early days at least, it is likely that the small business owner will, of necessity, become a Jack of all trades. He or she will be forced to become an accountant, an advertising agency, a sales manager, an office cleaner, a product creator or service delivery agent, a receptionist and tea boy, all rolled into one.

Each little business task takes time to complete, and there are only so many work hours in a day. Soon the small business owner will be wondering if there is a way to free up some of their valuable time. Luckily, there is.

The miracle of outsourcing

One obvious way to free up your time, and become more productive and efficient as well, is to outsource some of the tasks that bog you down. Hire an office cleaner, employ an accountant, talk to an advertising agency, and get an answering service to handle all your calls.

Constantly having to break off whatever you are doing to answer the phone is an extremely inefficient way to work. You can’t give your full attention to either the task you should be doing, or to the caller, and both suffer as a result.

Your callers are existing clients or potential clients. They deserve to be treated like gold dust, for they are the main reason why you can stay in business. If you don’t treat them well and make each one feel special, they will simply take their business elsewhere, and your competitors – not you – will be the ones to benefit.

Could you use an extra hour a day?

A telephone answering service could free up as much as one hour a day of your time. Would that help? For most small business owners, that would be a Godsend. It would mean a working day where you don’t have to constantly reach out to answer a ringing phone, having to switch thoughts from the task in hand to understanding and answering the questions of your caller; each caller with a different problem needing a different solution too.

Outsourcing can free up valuable time, so it shouldn’t be considered an expense. It should instead be considered a smart investment. Do your callers currently have to put up with you always sounding slightly irritated, as a result of you having to break off what you’re doing to answer the phone? There’s a much better way.

An answering service will provide you with the professionalism that your callers deserve. You will never miss a call, and each call will be answered with a warm, helpful, friendly smile. Your callers will be answered, whether it’s 3 am on a wet Sunday morning, or whether it’s or Christmas Day. And best of all, you’ll free up all that valuable time. What will you do for your business with an extra hour a day?

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