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Oct 122011

We occasionally hear from a potential customer considering utilizing our call center services of concerns as to whether use of a virtual receptionist could be bad for business. That’s certainly a valid question to ask, but one that we can easily address. In fact, customer survey after survey has shown that people WANT a real live professional to answer the phone when they call in.

Whether the person is physically sitting in a business or at a call center doesn’t matter if a customer’s needs are being addressed. In today’s world of working from home, mobile offices, virtual workplaces, and even enhanced business efficiencies, customers understand that a traditional business may need to change its dynamics in order to survive and thrive. But what customers don’t want, however, is for their needs to be ignored. Most of us do not like to have to leave a message on a general recorded answering machine , get filtered through an endless loop of automated phone instructions where they push buttons, or unable to leave a message to anyone period! After all, how many times have you heard someone say they want to “speak with a real live person!”

ZZ4EB246E2.jpgThat’s the advantage of United Call Center. We offer an array of real people options, ranging from answering service solutions, call center solutions, appointment and order taking, email support, and even chat support for online chats of web based businesses.

Whether you want us to be the virtual receptionist so you phone is always answered or you want our trained professionals to provide sales leads, routing and transfer calling, handle urgent calls, confirm appointments, provide registration and location services, and more, we can do it! We also feature bilingual services as well.

Our offerings to you include customizing the type of support you need and then we will make sure you receive the level of professionalism you deserve. Give us a call and see why we are the better answer!

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