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Aug 182013
Professional Call Center

It is well established that professional call centers can increase sales in a number of different ways. Simply by having a professional service to take your calls, you will ensure greater customer satisfaction and confidence, which in turn is likely to increase the number of sales. However, there are more direct ways that can affect the customer experience, which can also improve sales and make your investment in a professional call center much more cost effective.

One common way your call center service can increase sales for you is through a simple follow up on each customer order made, ostensibly for delivery verification, but thereby gaining an opportunity to pitch an upsell or cross sell product to the customer. Profits can easily be doubled in this way if the upsell or cross sell is complementary to the original purchase.

Buyer’s remorse can result in a refund request

However, it is essential to be careful when employing this tactic. Customer retention can easily be adversely affected if strict quality assurance measures and standards are not in place and upheld. Intercepting the customer when he or she has just made a purchase is known to be the perfect time to pitch further products, but it can backfire if you are not careful.

If the upsell or cross sell is not something the customer wants or needs, they may well make a refund request later when buyer’s remorse sets in. People buy through emotion and justify their purchase through logic. The logic may be flawed, but if it makes sense to them, they are usually happy. Approaching a customer who has just made a purchase on the pretext of order verification and satisfaction, is likely in itself to make the customer feel they are being well cared for, and make it more likely they will also buy whatever is then pitched to them.

A good quality assurance standard

The problems that can arise from this situation are usually when the second or even third item pitched is not a good match with the original purchase. The measure of a good quality assurance standard is one where the customer’s requirements are always taken into consideration.

This is where any upsell, cross sell or one-time only offer is approved in strict accordance and observance of the original purchase. In other words, it’s a perfect match, making it an offer the customer finds impossible to refuse. This tactic is obviously most powerful when the subsequent sale meets all the customer’s expectations and does not create a degree of buyer’s remorse that ultimately leads to a refund request. In fact, if the customer finds the experience a good and satisfying one, customer retention is almost guaranteed for life.

The role of a call center as a trustworthy partner

Third party verification services of this kind undertaken by a professional call center can be extremely powerful and cost effective marketing services for your business. The traditionally held concept of a call center being a service that merely takes incoming calls and passes them along is no longer the case. Call centers usually becomes a trustworthy partner for the business who employs their services.

There are other ways that call centers through third party processing can improve sales for your business. So-called abandons, potential customers who abandon their intended purchase at the last moment, are also worth following up. Like the order verification solution, following up with abandons can increase sales by 10% or more. The trick, like good telephone verification, is to get them while they are still warm and amenable to buying the product.

However, order verification, coupled with an appropriate upsell or cross sell, still remains one of the best and most powerful ways to increase sales. As long as there is a good quality assurance standard in place, and careful attention is applied to the products being pitched, customer satisfaction is likely to increase even further.

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