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May 092012

If you have ever worried about missed business calls or customers you have potentially lost because their needs weren’t met in a manner they were seeking, then you should definitely take advantage of our special, no obligation offer at United Call Center.

Studies show that more and more Americans are working at jobs with non-traditional hours, meaning that when customers are ready to talk or buy, your business may be closed. Sometimes people can only call after hours or during their lunch break, so if you are closed at the same time, chances are great that they will try the next business on their list. As a result, you could be losing business you never really had a chance to get!.

While news is looking up in parts of the country to a return to better times, our economy has not rebounded to the point it was previously, and businesses owners are maintaining a stronghold on the bottom line. And that is exactly the reason we are encouraging you to consider the services of a call center. More than 30 percent of callers never leave a message on a machine, and in today’s “now” generation may simply go to the next competitor on the list to try and find what they are looking for. One saved call could very well pay for your call center for a month or many months, depending on the business purchased. We want you to see how spending a little can help you get more business!

Currently, United Call Center is offering a trial period that will allow you to keep any existing account active with your current service while hearing the difference with us. Whether you currently use an answering machine, voice mail or even utilize the services of a different call center or would like to see what a call service can do for you, this is the way to try it out.

The best part is that plans start as low as $19.95, and you will be surprised at how much can be done with our affordable pricing. In fact, our average client pays less than $2.80 per day, or 12 cents per hour for live telephone service. Try us out and we believe we will have you convinced in no time of the benefits of a call service. Our live agents are standing by for a chance to talk with you about the United Call Center difference!

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