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Aug 142012
Customer Service

One of the aspects that makes United Call Center so different is that we employ the best call agents in the industry. In today’s blog post we’ll explain why we have unparallelled quality in our phone operators.

Highest Standards
We only hire the most qualified individuals to be one of our call agents. Each applicant is screened and only the those with the most excellent communication and writing skills are hired. The fact is that we are so particular about how answers our clients’ phone calls means that each agent offers top quality services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We consider that our agents are working directly for you because they are speaking to your customers, so we don’t that responsibility lightly.

Helpful Services
We staff a large number of agents to answer phones each and every day of the year. There is no way to dedicate a specific agent for just one company. However because we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry each of our agents quickly become familiar with every one of our clients. After a brief amount of time our agents will be able to answer questions and guide your callers as your own employees are able to do.

High Technology Standards
Each of our agents make use of the highest standards in call center technology. When the phone rings our agents are provided with customized greetings, scripts, and any specific instructions needed to make your customers feel comfortable. And you can know that we will always provide these high standards because all of our phone calls are recorded. You are welcome to review samples of our agent’s call quality by listening to one of our sample audio clips.

United Call Center is dedicated to providing the best call center services for companies around the nation. We offer nationwide services from answering services, order taking, message taking, and virtual receptionist.

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