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Jan 182012

Moneywatch recently published an article talking about the best words that people respond to in customer service. The article talks about that it is often the professionalism of the caller on the phone or in person that makes the outcome with a customer a positive experience or one of a point of no return.

Any business has—or certainly should have—a goal of customer satisfaction. That means making the customer as happy as possible in terms of the overall service experience. And that typically starts with the very first words of “How can I help you today?”


People respond best, according to the article, with words that are active rather than passive. Customer want to know specific action is being taken, not that action “can” be taken, for example.

The words cited as being the ones to evoke customer satisfaction include (in no order): “delighted,” “absolutely,” “pleasure,” “happy,” “sorry,” and “yes.”

At United Call Center, we choose our customers carefully, so that when they answer your customer calls, their professionalism and genuine care comes across the line. We don’t want our employees to sound forced or scripted, but rather responsive and engaging.

If you are seeking ways to enhance customer service and improve productivity, call us and see how United Call Center is the better answer. We promise to answer. And know that the same employees who answer our calls will be answering yours!

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  1. Thanks for the link. I think this is something we will be looking into for our business.

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