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Sep 112012

Your customers are loyal enough to stick with your company even through a bad customer service experience, right? According to a survey focused on negative customer service experiences even customers that are well established are the most likely category to stop doing business with a company if they reach their breaking point.

First, let’s take a look at what most clients do when they experience poor support from a company. Customers who experienced bad customer service do the following:

  • 52% – Tell someone about it (friends, family)
  • 51% – Ask for a manager
  • 35% – Stop doing business with the company
  • 27% – Submit a negative survey
  • 16% – Post about it on social networks or review sites
  • 13% – Write complaint emails

These responses are split into two categories. One area is directed towards the company in hopes of rectifying their problems. That’s a good thing, but it’s the other side that can cause a lot of problems. When customers fail to fill out a survey or contact the company about poor support services it can cause a lot of consequences outside of the company’s control.

More than 60% of consumers are influenced by other consumers’ comments about companies.

So word-of-month about a company, even when it is on the internet, can quickly destroy the reputation of a company.

The most surprising aspect of this data is that the majority of the customers that become frustrated with customers are not new clients. According to the study 82% of respondents were established customers when they reached their breaking point with customer service.

Bad customer service has huge consequences that not only effects your current customer, but also influences potential customers. Even those loyal customers, when faced with frustrating service calls, are likely to stop dealing with a company. Your company should be focused on providing the best product or service possible. Let the customer experts at United Call Center handle those customer support issues. You literally can not afford to ignore those angry customers.

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