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Mar 262013

In today’s economy, businesses are looking for everything they can to give them an edge when it comes to putting their company ahead of the pack in sales and marketing.  As such, one of the tools that any business should look closely at utilizing is an answering service.  These have moved well beyond the stereotypical visions of call centers that have plagued popular culture over the past decade or so.  The reality is that, in order to compete in a global market, answering services make sound economic sense for three main reasons:

  • The economy has shifted from local to global.  If you are truly trying to expand your market base, many of your clients and customers may not necessarily live in your particular time zone.  Consequently, if a customer calls your business only to find that you are closed, the odds of them calling back during “regular” business hours are slim to none.  Call centers allow for twenty-four hour phone service.  If your business is on the east coast, then a call center can take orders or handle simple service calls or questions from callers all over the world while your in-house employees are off duty.
  • In keeping with this global view of your business, an answering service allows you to handle calls from parts of the world that you normally wouldn’t be able to service.  Many call centers employ workers who are fluent in not just English, but multiple languages.  This expands your potential customer base without you having to pay individual salaries to keep employees with this particular skill-set on site at your brick-and-mortar place of business.
  • Finally, your business can benefit from using an answering service because it saves you money in the long run.  Keeping a full time sales staff or customer service staff on the payroll costs, not just salaries but also benefits.  By giving this aspect of your business to an outside contractor like an answering service, you will ultimately be saving money that you can then reinvest in your business in areas such as production, marketing, and distribution.  In addition, you will not have to worry about training a sales or service staff as this will be done by the answering service you are paying to handle your incoming calls.

The bottom line is that using an answering service makes sound financial sense.  It will save money in the long run and allow you to not only expand your business into other markets but also concentrate more on growing your business and making it a world-class company.

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