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Feb 292012

When you are comparing call centers or answering machine services, be sure to carefully check out service areas and coverage zones. It can make a huge difference for you and your customers.

One recurring concern we hear from potential clients if how calls are answered in the event of a weather issue or different time zones. They’ve told us their current service was sufficient during days of normal and ordinary events, but couldn’t keep up with volume or issues in the event of something that changes the norm. If there is a major storm, snow day, or huge event that could cause an abnormally high spike in calls, the level of service was not able to be retained. That’s another example of where we are at our best and provide the better answer.

ZZ5EF6458D.jpgAt United Call Center, we are able to set up your service to be answered in different time zones and geographic areas. That means we can avoid the problems other local services may encounter. So, if your area is hit with inclement weather, we’ll make sure your calls are answered in another area that is unaffected by it.

We can also work around peak times or lunch times by working with a different time zone. Of course the main thing is that customers can’t tell the difference, and we will make sure of that. Not only do we promise to answer—and within four rings—but we promise to maintain your local flavor of service and based on the scripts and direction you want us to follow.

Having a professional call service that makes sure delivery is consistent all the time is what we deliver. Not only do we do so with great prices and outstanding personnel, but we want you to see for yourself why we are the solution you will come to rely on. Try us out for free, and see why you will love the United Call Center difference.

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