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Sep 152011

Customer needs are really simple, and it’s no secret that their needs have to be met or else they will take their valued business elsewhere. In today’s world, customers really are the king and businesses and companies need to do whatever they can to ensure satisfaction and return business.

Here are 5 top things customers expect:

  • They expect that your product or service to work and that they obtain appropriate value for their money.
  • They expect personalized, friendly service. Whether it is personal contact or contact made over the telephone or even the internet, they expect professional but kind professional treatment. In other words, customers expect a real human voice to interact with them in an engaging and likable fashion.
  • Customers want to be listened to. Customers want to know that their question, or even complaint, is taken seriously and that appropriate action will be taken.
  • Customers want appropriate follow up. Most customers are reasonable and know that the person they want to speak with isn’t always available. For example, we know that doctors typically are not available for phone consultations for whenever a person happens to call in. That’s because they are most likely seeing other patients. At the same time, it is reasonable that a receptionist, nurse, or other representative is available, and can help with whatever needs may exist. If a patient calls a person who is not available, there is a full expectation that a return call with a solution will be provided within reasonable time.
  • They want to believe that the person/business/company truly does want their business. If you have ever called a person who seems almost put out when you inquire about services, rates or even with general questions, most likely you took your money elsewhere. In most cases, a particular company or service isn’t the only option in town. And, today, customers aren’t afraid to switch their business to where they feel appreciated and valued.

United Call Center was created over 20 years ago with these very customer expectations in mind. We not only hire only professional and engaging agents to interact with your customers, but we offer 24 hour a day/7 day a week live customer service options. In fact, our motto is “We promise to answer,” which makes your customers very happy. Guaranteed!

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