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May 162012

From time to time we are asked the question of “Who uses a call center, anyway?” The well-meaning question puts a smile on our face, because it means that we are doing such a good job of providing a seamless service with customers that they don’t know any different than if they were talking to someone at the local office.

A call center can provide numerous advantages to companies. Utilizing a telephone-based service means that employees can focus on day-to-day operations that can allow them greater freedom of movement within the office, so that there is no longer a concern over a missed call.

But a call center does much more than that. It allows customers to call in at times that work for them and when the office may not even be open. Plus, at United Call Center, businesses can choose which services that they want utilized, so basic assistance, directions, order completions, message taking, and more can be utilized as well. You can also select any combination of delivery methods for any type of call. For example, you may want certain calls connected to you while others you would prefer to have either text messaged or emailed. It’s your choice and you can also change it at your discretion.

We only employ professional agents, and we make sure that your phone calls are answered in the way you and your customers expect. We promise to answer your calls. Always. And within four rings. And, in case you are still nervous about how a call center could be the right answer for you and your company, we can even let you try out our service for free!

Check out the services and plans on our website at United Call Center then give us a call. When you do, remember the same people who answer the phone and talk with you are the same people who will talk with your customers. We are confident you will like what you hear!

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  1. Telephone-based service is a good way of interaction; one can get a solution to his/her problem within no time. Through call center people can discuss more freely and in detail as compared to text messages or e-mail systems as it is just like face to face communication.

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