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Nov 302011

We’re sometimes asked about what types of businesses use a call center or answering service. The honest and simple answer is easy: if you need your phone answered, then using a service can be right for your company! Having your phone answered quickly and professionally when a customer calls in shouldn’t be a luxury that you choose to have. Customers today are highly particular with their money and time, and if you don’t answer their call, they may very likely dial the next number on their list to find someone who can help them right then.

Studies continue to show that customers are highly turned off from phone “queues” and getting put into an automated system is a leading reason why people will go elsewhere. And, even if you have a person hired to answer your phone, chances are you’ve given that employee a growing number of other duties as well. After all, today everyone is trying to do more with less, and that includes employee counts as well.


One way you can actually save money and increase customer satisfaction at the same time is by utilizing a call center for your phone calls. We at United Call Center serve a wide array of clients, ranging from physicians, healthcare services, insurance companies, building and construction companies, help desk support, real estate agents, property management, funeral homes, product and service companies, e-commerce websites, appointment scheduling, and more. We also help with emergency response, IT support, lawyers, and many types of business where urgent calls are common.

Instead of holding a valued employee hostage to the phone line for customer support, consider utilizing professionally trained call service personnel to take your calls so your employee can handle the long list of other duties that need to be done in the office. You’ll be surprised about how affordable and how easy it is to convert your phone answering to a call center. We know you will agree that the United Difference will help increase your efficiency, especially since we promise to answer and to never place your customers on hold! Check us out and consider our trial offer so you can see we are the better answer for your business, your employees, and of course, your customer service!


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