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Sep 282011

Customers loathe automated call queues. Study after study shows that the impersonal pre-recorded message of, “You have reached xyz. Press 1 for THIS, Press 2 for THAT…” and so on is irritating at best and creates a level of customer dissatisfaction before any human contact is even initiated. Customer complaints range from lengthy delays, being put in an endless loop only to get disconnected, not having their call returned when they ultimately do get to leave a message, and feeling that they are not valued or appreciated as a customer. In fact, customers do know they have a choice of where they spend their money, and a top reason of making a change is not being able to get their needs addressed when they do call in.

That’s where an answering service is the answer. It is unrealistic to think that in today’s times of fewer employees doing more that all calls can always be handled immediately. Often, companies don’t even work out of an office per se, preferring to send employees directly to the source of the business need.

But whether you have a true office or work virtually, customers want to reach someone when they call in. A professional answering service provides that solution.

At United Call Center, we promise to answer. Our experienced and trained agents will answer your call and direct your customer to either the solution they need or will take the information in person and get it to the person who can. Since customers would much rather talk with a real live human being, we already set the tone of being accessible to at least collect the information without the caller having to guess whether they are supposed to press “3” or “7”. If you have ever had customers complain about a lack of response or that employees are hard to get in touch with, United Call Center is the better answer for your long-term business success.

Call us today and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our prices and the value we can offer.

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