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May 022012

While it may not be as politically correct to say nowadays, a common complaint voiced with call center operations is that many are actually based overseas. Why does that matter? In many industries, American jobs have gone to other countries, and technology support and customer service often lands in India, where costs are less.

At United Call Center, we have always listened to our customers, and we support having our call centers stay in the U.S. and serve U.S. clientele. We believe there is a difference between utilizing American workers and those overseas. Among the chief difference is language. While other countries may say their call center operators speak English, the truth is that nuances such as language and pronunciations can turn even a routine call into one that is stressful and unsatisfying.


When a U.S. person calls a toll free number for phone assistance, there is a common belief that the person answering the line will be someone who can help provide a solution without any hindrance of communications complexities. That means talking with someone who has an accent that makes it difficult to understand can be enough to make a potentially frustrated customer go somewhere else. Sometimes customers call in for basic information and handling those routine calls is often quite easy. But when a customer is upset and needs answers or concerns addressed, having an agent on the other end who is hard to understand makes it easy to pursue another solution elsewhere.

At United Call Center, we take great pride in being able to say our customer service agents are U.S. based in a physical U.S. office location. We also offer bilingual services, which most of the “other” guys seldom do.

We make it easy to compare services with other call service companies so you can see why we are “the better answer” when it comes to overall customer service and satisfaction!

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