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Jun 252014
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When computer technology and the internet debuted in businesses some years ago, they promised to make life better for companies by easing repetitive tasks and virtually eliminating paperwork.  However, it had the added consequence of making companies even more competitive.  As a result, customers are now demanding higher and higher levels of customer service and if they are not happy with their experience then they are more than happy to share that with the computerized world.  Here are some compelling numbers regarding customer service in the modern world and how call centers can help alleviate some of the stress and strain put on business owners.

When it comes to your competitors and how important customer service is to maintaining your market brand, here are some statistics to consider.  For instance, 89% of people who have a bad customer service experience will leave your company and go to one of your competitors.  Whereas in the past, many consumers would chalk it up to a one-time bad experience, now there are so many other options that you are likely to totally lose their business for good.

So just how can you make sure that you provide quality customer service that will keep your customers coming back for more?  One of the easiest ways to do this is with the use of call centers and this is also backed up by the statistics.  For instance, customers have reported that when dealing with a question or problem, they prefer a live operator with 69% of respondents identifying this as providing the highest satisfaction.  A live operator keeps your customers happy and call centers can provide that for you rather than leaving the customers at the mercy of automated messages.  Another telling statistic is that 82% of respondents say that a quick resolution or answer is the most important thing in providing quality customer service.  If a customer calls your business only to get an automated response telling them to call back during business hours, you will probably aggravate them and run the risk of alienating them and sending them running to your competitor.  That is also where call centers can help since they are staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to take care of your customers’ needs.

Even though technology has changed the way we conduct business, there are still some old standards that haven’t gone away.  For instance, almost 80% of customers surveyed responded that they would rather use the telephone to communicate than other forms of communication such as videos, video chat, pre-recorded messages, or email.  Call centers make sure that you have a live person on the line taking your clients’ and customers’ calls to ensure that you can keep their business.

The face of businesses is rapidly changing.  But one thing still remains constant.  You must provide good, quality customer service or you run the risk of losing your customers forever.  Reputable call centers can help bridge that gap to ensure that you are able to maintain your edge in the competitive business world.

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