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Sep 132012

Focusing On Customer Service, Variety of Services, Security and Technology To Maintain the Upper Hand In The Industry

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Lake Havasu, AZ (August 10, 2012) – Call centers have become an important asset for numerous American businesses, which need a cost-effective way to serve multiple customers throughout the country. Unfortunately, many of these services have gained a relatively negative reputation, thanks to outsourcing, which leaves many frustrated consumers at the mercy of agents who have poor language skills.

As more and more call centers employ overseas workers in an attempt to cut overhead, a growing number of American-based businesses are turning to domestic services, which hire American workers. According to Gregg Snyder, who owns United Call Center, he’s seen an increase in business, thanks in part to this issue.

“When customers call in for information or support, they want agents who speak clearly and know what they’re talking about,” he said. “These days, more and more companies are hearing this outcry for better customer support; and that’s why so many are turning to domestic call centers, which hire American employees.”

While many call centers attempt to increase profit margins by outsourcing to countries where agents work for pennies on the dollar; Snyder says he is more than happy to pay extra for qualified employees.

“Our business model is built around providing quality service,” he said. “All of our representatives are English speaking and local. We pay higher wages than the average call center, so we can keep turnover down and maintain a qualified, well trained staff.”

Besides spending extra to ensure that his company is staffed with knowledgeable, professional personnel; Snyder says his company also implements good policies that protect his clients and their customers from common problems associated with many other call centers.

“Many people don’t realize that strong security is an important characteristic of a good call center,” he said. “At United Call Center, our representatives don’t have personal belongings or even pens at their desks; so they can’t write down or take pictures of credit card numbers to steal identities.”

According to Snyder, this can be a problem for services that use work-from-home American-based employees.

“Just because a call center uses domestic workers, doesn’t mean they offer superior services,” he said. “Many call centers hire remote agents, who work out of their homes. This is something we would never do, because there would be no way to protect the security of our clients and their customers.”

Since he started United Call Center in 1989, Snyder has put a significant amount of money back into his company, a point that he credits for its sustained success over the years.

“We’ve invested heavily in our call center, so it can handle most any type of request. Over the years, we’ve served all sorts of companies, doing just about everything, from booking plumber appointments, doctor appointments, assisting with car repossessions to taking calls for products shown on Oprah, as well as service calls for Kmart, Pepsi, El Polo Loco and Avis Rent a Car. We are able to meet most any need, because we have multifaceted capabilities that stem from the way we invest in our business. For instance, we are typically the first to roll out new systems six months to a year before our competitors. This puts us ahead of the game, so we can serve our clients’ evolving needs, whatever they may be.”

United Call Center is based in Lake Havasu, AZ and services nationwide clients.  They are prepared to take on nearly any challenge that is presented to them and will do it with the same level of expertise as they maintain with their current clients.

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