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We bill monthly vs. every 28 days.  This is a huge cost savings over other services.  With United Call Center, you only receive 12 bills per year vs. 13 bills per year from our competitors. United Call Center also bills in 10 second increments vs. 30 to 60 seconds, so a 1 minute, 10 second call costs just that, vs. 2 minutes with another service.

Every account is provided a personalized phone number that will ring directly into your account.  You can advertise the phone number and have callers call it direct, you can forward your business line to us, or you can use a busy call forward service for overflow service.    All accounts are customized to fit your needs.  You choose the way you would like the line answered, and how you would like your calls processed.

Any combination of delivery methods may be selected for any type of call. For example, you may want some calls connected to you or text messaged and emailed, and other calls strictly emailed. With United Call Center, it is your choice and can be changed at your discretion.

Your instructions on how you want your calls answered are followed on each call.  You are assigned a unique call forwarding number that is not shared with any other client. We also make sure this number has not been used for 1 year by any other source.  When the line rings into our service, your company’s information is the only information that our agent sees and includes any customized scripts and instructions.

We only hire the most qualified individuals and all applicants are carefully screened.  We look for employees that have excellent communication and writing skills.  We make sure that you would be proud to have any of our agents work directly for you, because let’s face it, that is what they are doing; working for you.   Out of twenty applicants, we may only find one or two who are actually qualified to become one of our agents.

Depending on the complexity of the account instructions, we have either one-on-one training sessions, or group training sessions that are conducted by a full time, dedicated trainer who has been with our organization for several years.  Many clients provide us with DVD or online video of products and services.

The only time our agent places a caller on hold is if they are attempting to connect the call directly to you, or a member of your staff.  We never place a caller on hold to process a call for another client.  Your caller is our only priority.

United Call Center strives to have all functions of the call center redundant,  from phone lines to internet connections to power, server and network connections.  United Call Center will be available when you need us most.

Absolutely.  We always want to make sure that you are on the best possible plan for your call volume.  We offer retro-active upgrades, so even if you are exceeding your plan mid month, we can get you to a better plan that will save you money, and will do it retro-actively back to the first of the month.

There are no hidden fees.  We do not nickel and dime you.  With our service, you simply select a plan and pay for that plan, we do not charge monthly fees for paging, email or fax.  Your statement will have one monthly charge for monthly base rate for the service you select.

We can generally get you started the same day.  We know how important it is to get your calls answered, so we make sure we can accommodate you when you need us most.

We don’t charge an upfront setup fee.  It is a month to month agreement that requires a 30 day written notice to cancel.  We often provide you with discounts for pre-payment or for staying active for one year, but at all times you can cancel your service with written notice.

We do calendar month billing; therefore you only receive 1 invoice per calendar month, unlike much of our industry that bills every 28 days, or 13 bills per year. This a big trend in our industry and we just don’t buy it.  We want you to know when your bill will come and when it is due, not varied based on the number of days per month.

You can request changes to your account at any time by email, fax, or phone.  Whatever method you prefer to submit the request.

No.  Our software features sophisticated call routing technology so that all of the lines can ring into one account and one call forwarding number.  This allows you to share the plan across all of your offices.  However, you do have the option for multiple call forward numbers, and this helps with reports if call tracking is important to you.  United Call Center can set up the system in a way that will best serve you.

Here at United Call Center we have one of the lowest turnover rates in our industry, so we are able to distribute the calls evenly amongst all of our agents who are all familiar with every one of our clients.  The low staff turnover rate means that it doesn’t take very long for our agents to become as familiar with your account and business as your own employees.

As soon as the agent has completed the call, your message will be sent to you by your preferred method.   We can also hold the messages for you and have them transmitted at a specific time.  United Call Center will dispatch your calls based on your instructions.

NEVER –  We do not have extra fees for calls incurred at certain times, or on certain days.  Our price remains the same 24×7, 365 days a year.

Yes.  You can advertise the phone number on your marketing material to ensure that your calls are always answered live 24×7, 365 days a year.  You will NEVER receive an additional charge for toll free usage; we include this at no cost in our normal monthly fee.

Yes.  We can transfer a call directly to you on the phone number you request – at your home, cell or other line located within your office.  This is often called Patch or Cross Connect and United Call Center does not have a per transaction fee for this service.  Many services charge up to three dollars for every time they connect a call to you.

Yes.  Each account is customized to fit your needs. You dictate how your calls and messages are handled.

Yes.  You do not have to have a physical office, or a physical line.  We will provide you the line your callers will call, and when it is answered, it is personalized to fit your needs.

Yes.  Our calls are recorded for quality assurance.

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